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Instant Recharge Face Serum

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Recipe for men

Recipe for men develops advanced, and highly efficient quality products for men. We focuson visible results and problem solving. The concept is technical and cutting edge, but with an honest and straightforward approach. The motto is “logical skincare and no fuzz”. A first-rate men’s skincare line should be accessible and easy to understand. But most importantly – it should keep its promises.

Weather tested

Think about Scandinavian winter for a while. Skin feels dry as dust, and it’s virtually screaming for moisture. We test all our Recipe for men-products in weather conditions that your skin hates. The result is a unique skincare line with truly exceptional soothing, moisturizing, and protecting properties.

Quality and credibility

Recipe for men develops advanced, and highly efficient quality products for men. Our core values are mirrored in all our product ranges: Superior Scandinavian quality, attention to detail, and cutting-edge formulas with the best quality ingredients available, carefully selected to meet men’s skincare needs.

Logical skincare

We always strive to be at the forefront of research - but with an honest and humble approach, avoiding too splendid promises. Recipe for men, as a first-rate skincare line should be easy to understand and provide simple answers to all the questions a customer may ask.

"A wonderful and uncomplicated product to use that gives a fantastic result"

- Philip Conradsson about Pore Minimizing Anti-Shine Toner

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